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Glencliff Offers Academics, Academies and Activities for All Students

Glencliff High School is one of the most diverse schools in Tennessee. There are more than 37 different nationalities and 27 languages represented in our student population. This diversity makes Glencliff a very unique and exciting community in which to teach and learn. Our International Day is by far one of our most exciting events, where each nationality can showcase its food, culture and costume.


Academies and Dual Credit

Our four Academies-the Freshman Academy, the Academy of Medical Science and Research (AMSR), the Ford Academy of Business and Innovation (FABI), and the Hands on Nashville Academy for Environmental and Urban Planning (EUP)-provide unique experiences for our students that will prepare them for college or career. Students can get skills in courses like webpage design, engineering and medical terminology. They can participate in our dual-credit program with National State Community College to earn credits in personal finance, medical terminology and agricultural science.

Our award-winning Culinary Arts program is one of our most popular programs. Twice a month students provide lunches to our faculty in our Southern Tea Room to get experience in developing a menu, budgeting, cooking and serving. Our students regularly compete at district, state and national levels, and the past two years have won the top state award. Beginning in the 2018-2019 school year we will begin offering Automotive Maintenance and Lite Repair as new pathway to the Hands on Nashville Academy for Environmental and Urban Planning.

Academics and Activities

Outside of the academies, Glencliff offers advanced placement (AP) classes and special college-prep support (AVID) for students who have college aspirations and are in the academic middle.

There are many other opportunities for students to participate in field trips, competitions and practical experience. Our business partners extend opportunities to our students to participate in career fairs, job shadowing and internships, and there are also various sports teams and clubs.

School Hours

7:05 A.M. - 2:05 P.M. 

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